Enola Gaye Smoke

Smoke Grenades

The world’s most popular smoke effect from EG. The Wire Pull Smoke Bombs are the most advanced and cleanest pyrotechnic colored smoke effects available. 

Professional Use Smoke Grenades

Our largest smoke grenades produce huge smoke clouds making them popular with:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Sports & simulation
  • Events
  • Industrial testing
  • Weddings
  • Gender reveal
1 review
$ 5.50
EG25 Wire Pull Smoke Grenade (Sold Individually) DURATION: 25 SECONDS The EG25 emits a surprising amount of smoke...
1 review
$ 11.25
Most popular choice Smoke product 90 second duration Vibrant Smoke Colours 8 available Simple Pull Ring Ignition (Wire...
EG18 High Output Smoke Grenades Massive amount of smoke similar to that of an M18 military smoke grenade...
1 review
$ 5.50
1 review
$ 11.25
$ 17.00