Jeff's Fireworks
Jeff's Fireworks Is a Direct Importer, we sell Retail & Wholesale Fireworks year round! We are adding to our new products often, so check back for some new cool items with Jeff's Fireworks Brand!
36 Shot 200 gram cake!
Detroit Thang
2 reviews
$ 99.00
60 Gram Shells For 2019! 5 in. Super charged artillery w/ 24 Shells with four launch tubes.  ...
$ 7.50
Shogun Half Brick Firecrackers
$ 90.00
You ve seen the rest. now check out the best 60 gram shells on the market. 24 super...
Make some noise with this collection of 36 shells. Singles, doubles, triples and canister shells all in the...
$ 2.00
For Lighting Fireworks the Easy Way.
Spins On Ground Then Jumps About 3 Feet High.
18 massive breaks from a 9 shot rack! If you want twice the power and twice the effect,...
$ 25.00
This 20 shot cake is THE BOSS! A multi-level display of golden mines and brocade effects with ruby...
Out of stock
A mesmerizing 30 shot display of twisting, swirling comets, monstrous palms and falling leaves.
$ 250.00
Take control of your fireworks display with the next generation in wireless firing systems With FireFly's wireless fireworks...
$ 17.00
The Hit Man is a real tough guy. Sixteen powerful shots of red and green crackling willows with...
Out of stock
This jumbo 5 ball candle features�Red,White, and Blue stars�with crackling tails.
Buckle up for a thrill ride! This incredible cake features jaw-dropping rapid fire effects in fan shapes,V patterns...
An amazing 200 shots of brilliant glittering mines highlighted with colorful stars.
$ 80.00
Product Description: DB06r-12 Remote Firing System 12 Cue Receivers - with antenna, receiving signal more stable. 2. Firing...
Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them?Give them the gift of choice with a...
6 shot wooden rack includes 6 HDTP Tubes. A must have for any Pyro!
Star Ball Contribution Large - Each
12 shot wooden rack includes 12 HDTP Tubes. A must have for any Pyro!
$ 70.00
This 500 Gram Fan Cake will feel like it is firing forever, 48 Shots Lasting 2 Minutes long!
Start the countdown on this repeater to unleash eight massive burst of colors, strobes, and crackles.
The Howitzer
1 review
$ 125.00
Blast the sky with 9 massive shots of silver palms with strobes, colorful crackling chrysanthemums and crackling dragon...
$ 7.00
2 reviews
$ 99.00
$ 120.00
$ 17.00
$ 135.00
$ 55.00
1 review
$ 11.00
$ 150.00
$ 17.00
$ 10.00
$ 40.00
$ 80.00
$ 27.50
1 review
$ 125.00