Jeff's Fireworks
Jeff's Fireworks Is a Direct Importer, we sell Retail & Wholesale Fireworks year round! We are adding to our new products often, so check back for some new cool items with Jeff's Fireworks Brand!
$ 7.00
36 Shot 200 gram cake!
Detroit Thang
2 reviews
$ 99.00
60 Gram Shells For 2019! 5 in. Super charged artillery w/ 24 Shells with four launch tubes.  ...
$ 7.50
Shogun Half Brick Firecrackers
Disco Flash
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Out of stock
6 Pack of Strobes.
Make some noise with this collection of 36 shells. Singles, doubles, triples and canister shells all in the...
$ 2.00
For Lighting Fireworks the Easy Way.
$ 90.00
You ve seen the rest. now check out the best 60 gram shells on the market. 24 super...
Spins On Ground Then Jumps About 3 Feet High.
18 massive breaks from a 9 shot rack! If you want twice the power and twice the effect,...
Jumbo Color Smoke Balls Box of 12 Bags of 3 PCS.
Out of stock
A mesmerizing 30 shot display of twisting, swirling comets, monstrous palms and falling leaves.
$ 250.00
Take control of your fireworks display with the next generation in wireless firing systems With FireFly's wireless fireworks...
Clustering Bees Rockets.
$ 17.00
The Hit Man is a real tough guy. Sixteen powerful shots of red and green crackling willows with...
This jumbo 5 ball candle features�Red,White, and Blue stars�with crackling tails.
$ 25.00
This 20 shot cake is THE BOSS! A multi-level display of golden mines and brocade effects with ruby...
Buckle up for a thrill ride! This incredible cake features jaw-dropping rapid fire effects in fan shapes,V patterns...
An amazing 200 shots of brilliant glittering mines highlighted with colorful stars.
$ 80.00
Product Description: DB06r-12 Remote Firing System 12 Cue Receivers - with antenna, receiving signal more stable. 2. Firing...
Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them?Give them the gift of choice with a...
6 shot wooden rack includes 6 HDTP Tubes. A must have for any Pyro!
Star Ball Contribution Large - Each
Clay Smoke Balls Sku 12/6
2 reviews
$ 99.00
1 review
$ 1.50
$ 120.00
$ 17.00
$ 135.00
$ 55.00
$ 3.00
$ 11.00
$ 150.00
$ 17.00
$ 10.00
$ 40.00