Jeff's Fireworks
Jeff's Fireworks Is a Direct Importer, we sell Retail & Wholesale Fireworks year round! We are adding to our new products often, so check back for some new cool items with Jeff's Fireworks Brand!
WP40 Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb 90 seconds of blue or pink smoke Discreet label Safe and easy to...
For Lighting Fireworks the Easy Way.
Enola Gaye EG25 Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb - Small - (X3) Pack of 3 smoke bombs 25 seconds...
$ 99.99
60 Gram Shells For 2019! 5 in. Super charged artillery w/ 24 Shells with four launch tubes.  ...
This 500 Gram Fan Cake will feel like it is firing forever, 48 Shots Lasting 2 Minutes long!
PyroSmart, Firewire Initiator - 30 Pack of Igniter Wires for remote firing systems.
$ 160.00
36 shots with 54 breaks -  singles, doubles, and triples!
3 1/2in X 2in Jeff's Fireworks Sticker. "We've Got the Good Stuff!"
$ 150.00
Buckle up for a thrill ride! This incredible cake features jaw-dropping rapid fire effects in fan shapes,V patterns...
$ 18.00
6 shot wooden rack includes 6 HDTP Tubes. A must have for any Pyro!
12 shot wooden rack includes 12 HDTP Tubes. A must have for any Pyro!
Jeff's fireworks "We've got the good stuff!" T-shirt. 100% cotton(preshrunk.) Available in meduim, large, x-large and 2X-large.
24 shot wooden rack includes 24 HDTP Tubes. A must have for any Pyro!
Jeff's Fireworks "We've Got the Good Stuff!" Mens T-Shirt. 100% cotton(preshrunk). Available in medium, large, x-large and 2-XL.
Jeff's Fireworks "We've got the good stuff!" Trucker cap. Adjustable and comfortable, one size fits all.
50 shot wooden rack includes 50 HDTP Tubes. A must have for any Pyro!
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