Fireworks Displays

Jeff's Fireworks has crafted and executed all kinds of fireworks shows over the last 25+ years. Indoor and Outdoor shows. Fireworks displays of all sizes and some of the largest and most creative fireworks and pyrotechnic displays in the world.

Weddings & Celebrations

A wedding is an extraordinarily important event to commemorate and celebrate. Make your wedding unforgettable with a unique fireworks display matched to your wedding’s personality.

Corporate Pyrotechnic Displays are ideal for:

  • Wedding Receptions / Send-offs / Finales
  • Marriage Proposals
  • Engagement Parties

Private Events

A traditional outdoor Jeff's Fireworks production is a complete sensory experience unlike anything else! These displays include a variety of shells and high-intensity multi-shot devices that awe and inspire.

Popular Public & Municipal Fireworks Events

  • Parties & Festivals
  • Mud Boggs, Bonfires & More
  • Fourth of July

Sports Events

Jeff's Fireworks is renound in Michigan for putting on amazing displays for some of the world’s greatest sport’s events. Fireworks are a great way to add energy into a sporting event.

Typical Sports Firework Displays

  • Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball
  • Large Stadium Pyrotechnics
  • End of Game / Season Celebrations

Have Crowd-pleasing Pyrotechnic Displays at Your Game!

Win or lose, finish big! Watch the crowd go wild with a Fireworks / Pyrotechnic display from the professionals at Jeff's Fireworks. Reach out to learn more.

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