Zipper Cakes
Multi Shot-Zipper Cakes. Multi shot zipper cakes are a great finale item. Designed for rapid fire movement in a zig-zag pattern usually containing way over the usual amount of shots in most 500 gram cakes.
Pyro Fury
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205 shots of extreme excitement. This item features fast zipper shots as well as huge fan shell bursts....
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104 shots - The label alone will sell this item! Unique silver holo effect makes the graphics jump...
Buckle up for a thrill ride! This incredible cake features jaw-dropping rapid fire effects in fan shapes,V patterns...
220's - Very popular! A fast zipper style cake with lots of color and noise. This one is...
Picture of product will be updated, New 200 gram zipper cake!
34 shots - Big and beautiful! Fan shaped mines, comets, whirling fish, whistle, and strobe waterfalls!
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