Zipper Cakes
Multi Shot-Zipper Cakes. Multi shot zipper cakes are a great finale item. Designed for rapid fire movement in a zig-zag pattern usually containing way over the usual amount of shots in most 500 gram cakes.
$ 25.00
Picture of product will be updated, New 200 gram zipper cake!
220's - Very popular! A fast zipper style cake with lots of color and noise. This one is...
$ 150.00
104 shots - The label alone will sell this item! Unique silver holo effect makes the graphics jump...
$ 135.00
Wholesale Pack: 2/1: Maximum Charge, 205 Shots. Red/white/blue crackling chrys. whistling, brocade crown with big break finally.�
$ 135.00
Wholesale Pack: 2/1 Crackling bouquet to purple/green/red/blue/orange. Silver tail whistling to time rain. Brocade crown golden palm tree...
205 shots of extreme excitement. This item features fast zipper shots as well as huge fan shell bursts....
Buckle up for a thrill ride! This incredible cake features jaw-dropping rapid fire effects in fan shapes,V patterns...
$ 140.00
$ 150.00
$ 115.00
$ 150.00