Jeff's Wholesale Fireworks
Jeff's Wholesale Fireworks of several different brands are available. We are a direct importer and receive containers year-round. Contact us for pricing and stock.
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The name says it all, light up the sky in a big way.240 shot roman candle.
5 Ball Magical Roman Candle
$ 12.00
Great festival ball box with window, high performance cylinder shells. 6 pack w/tube
Raccoon - 5" Canister Shells, with the popular Nishiki effect. Case packed [4/24] - Box 24 Shells w/...
$ 99.99
5" 60g Artillery Shells - Packed 24 Shells w/4 Tubes per Box.s
$ 4.50
5 ball candles with popular effects of crackling, pearls, reports and tails, one each per pack.
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$ 8.50
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$ 109.00