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8 Remote Firing System

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Product Characteristic ireless firing system for fireworks, 8 cues radio system-
1.Transmitter ( the remote control ) - with a power switch.
2.Receivers - with antenna, the reciving signal mor stable.
3.Firing capacity - each channel could fire 5-6pcs display igniters and 1pcs safety igniter.
4.Programmable - multiple receivers can be controlled by a transmitter or a button on a transmitter.
5.Replaceable & Economical - the broken receiver can be replaced by the other receiver of the same series, there's no need to buy a new transmitter.
6.Expandable - Add other receivers (available individually) to expand number of cues.
7.4 channels for each receiver, less batteres.

Relevant Parameter
1. Remote distance - 300 M
2.Transmitting frequency - 433MHz
3.Battery specification - 4 AA batteries per receiver
4.Transmitter power source - 12v 23A battery.
(1 Meter Talon Igniters) are not included, sold separately. wireless firing system for fireworks, 8 cues radio system