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Warhammer Canister Shells

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 Retail Pack: 24 - 60 Gram Shells - Multi-Color w/ 4 Launch Tubes. - Wholesale Pack: 4/4/6

24 effects different effects.
Green peony white strobe,  Red peony green strobe, golden willow, brocade crown, blue peony golden strobe, silver strobe, red wave crackling, brocade crown with crackling pistil, Crackling and silver chrysanthemum,  Blood red stars and white strobe, Green wave and chrysanthemum, golden wave and green strobe, Brocade crown with red and green, brocade crown with white strobe, Brocade crown to red green stars, Sky blue and blood red with white strobe, white strobe and red green wave, red green blue and white strobe, Brocade to glittery willow and green strobe, Sky blue golden glittery willow and green strobe, golden willow to white strobe and crackling, silver chrysanthemum and red green lemon sky blue and orange, green strobe with sky blue lemon and purple stars, green strobe with red and sky blue.